Boston Scientific

Race Against Pain Microsite

Race Against Pain is Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Groupís outreach campaign that reaches millions of chronic pain sufferers in the US. Their mission is to educate sufferers about pain management, help them find a doctor, and provide them with peer-to-peer support through their community forum. Their old site was very much out of date, and community participation was flagging. As art director, I redesigned their site to feature quality shareable content, illustrated interactive modules, and all within a responsive, device-agnostic framework.

Boston Scientific

Sales Discount Proposal App

Boston Scientific's global sales team was tracking sales and discounts on an Excel spreadsheet on Google Drive. As lead UI designer, our team designed and developed an app optimized for the iPad and built on a responsive Bootstrap framework so sales members could work on any device, even their mobile phones, without compromising the user experience. By submitting their discount proposals online, sales members could track its progress without necessitating a chain of emails, greatly improving productivity. We made hundreds of users thrilled with its simple user-focused design, and transformed an agonizing process into an easy online form.


Microsite for Windows 8

Microsoft needed to create an in-depth informational experience to describe its new Windows 8 technology. A new set of inputs and gestures required a very visual and literal interpretation. This concept would allow users to either watch a video showing key features, or engage with it directly in a first-person interactive demo. By logging in with one of their social media accounts, users can see how Windows 8 can be customized for a more personal experience.

Pac-12 Networks

Responsive web design

The importance of mobile-friendly websites has rapidly surged as smartphones and tablets become the devices we most often use to access the Internet. Using responsive grid systems, and working in close collaboration with a developer, I was able to design a site for Pac-12's Championship game that would render well across all form factors. This project had two objectives: deliver an engaging responsive design and make it CMS-friendly so that it can be repurposed for future sporting special events by editors and producers with minimal coding abilities.


Mobile trade-in tool

It is quite rare that I work on a web design project that doesn't make extensive use of forms for data input and configuration. Form design may not always be the sexiest of design jobs, but it satisfies my need to solve the most utilitarian of design problems in an effective, efficient, and attractive way. This mobile trade-in form for Samsung was just that, with the added challenge of upselling new phones and walking the line between tool and marketing piece.

Wells Fargo

Website Redesign

The redesign of a major financial institution's website is a long and intensive process. Once a design direction has been selected, and months before user testing begins, the general look of the web pages are established and a typography system is set. Before long, the first stages of an online style guide begin to take form. As an art director on this project, it was my task to design the second round of site pages based on the selected concept, and create a cohesive design and typographical system that other designers would later build upon.

Intel AppUp

Event Design

Intel's AppUp is the go-to place for netbook apps. For their big product launch at Intel's Developer Forum (IDF), I was tasked to design posters, wraps and scrims for an exhibit hall in San Francisco. Adding to the challenge were 28 interior and exterior windows and backlit walls, all of which required dressing. Our team produced over 20 unique pieces in record time, while developing a look, tone and feel for a brand-new product.


Social media integration

Integrating social interaction into an existing website like bioresearch giant Genentech poses its own set of challenges, and the biggest hurdle was education. We needed to win the client over by legitimizing the value of social media, and dispel their notion that social networks are limited to Facebook and YouTube. Without redesigning the current website, I worked together with a UX team to merge LinkedIn, Slideshare, published documents, and related events into a cohesive experience that encourages participation and collaboration.

Common Sense Media

Email Campaign

The success of an email marketing campaign can be measured quickly, and how better to test engagement than with a simple A/B test. Iím a firm believer that a successful email campaign depends on a successful subject line first, but a solid design can have a profound effect on conversions. At Common Sense Media, two designs for their weekly newsletter were split-tested to determine which layout was more effective in getting email recipients to click through to the site.