I'm an art director and UI designer.
I design web sites, apps, and other stuff. Even print.
What can I do for you?

I have a passion for creating digital experiences based on real user behavior and thoughtful functionality. I find solutions that balance business strategies with innovative design that informs and inspires.

With over 12 years of interactive design experience, I've worked in-house and with agencies both large and small. My expertise lies in designing responsive websites in agile environments, as well as maintaining and improving online experiences for major brands. I can give a pretty damned good presentation, too.

Iím always interested in new projects. Give a holler //

I always enjoy working with Suzanna on projects because I know that I am working with a reliable and smart designer who gets it. I am confident that she will provide designs that look great and are easy to work with. I recommend Suzanna to anyone who needs a designer they can rely on to bring their client's ideas to life.

THOMAS LOUGH, Rich Media Developer
Sony Mobile Communications